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Welcome to the PDoD Game WIKI, here you will be available to find a large variety of guides and miscellaneous information about our game. PDoD has been in development for almost 2 years and was in private testing for most of it's lifetime, but went public with it's Alpha Test series of updates starting with the V0.2.x series. You can see a preview of the game here and are welcome to download and play the game once you register on the forums. The WIKI is organised in to various Categories to help us organised the amount of information contained within, so you can help find the things you are looking for that bit easier. You will notice the Categories a page is listed within at the bottom of every page - if you click them they will provide a list in alphabetic order of all of the pages contained within that category. If you have a suggestion for something you would like to see on the WIKI, please post a suggestion topic on the forums so we can discuss the idea.

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PDoD Game


A list of the travellable areas in pdod, with the pokemon, trainers, items, etc, that can be found there

City & Town


Other Areas


A list of obtainable items 




Evolution Stones/Items

Key Items


EXP/Level Increase